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Brushing the Fur

Critterz Grooming VIP Club

The VIP Club keeps your pet looking great all year round with frequent pamper sessions.

VIP: Welcome

 VIP Club 

Your Benefits

  • Spreads the cost of grooming into 12 monthly payments to help you budget

  • VIP dogs are rarely knotted or matted so have a more enojyable visit

  • Guaranteed Grooming Appointments

  • Your pet's skin & coat will be free from dirt & debris keeping them clean and free from knots and tangles.

  • Your pet will be become accustomed to the salon and more comfortable being handled.

  • Your pet will feel confident and at home in the grooming parlour.

Our Benefits

  • We know when you're due so we can reserve a space in the diary for you

  • Clipped dogs are still "in trim" which is far easier for dog and groomer than one which has grown out

  • VIP dogs learn their specific grooming routine extremely quickly and are a joy to handle

  • Free Spa Add on every time (Breath Freshner, Facial or Paw Wax)

Joining Criteria

  • The dog must be a fully grown adult (small breeds from 10 months, Medium breeds 12 months, Large Breeds 15 months)

  •  You must have been charged about the same amount (within £5) for your last three grooms

  • The client may not significantly change the style of the groom so it takes longer to do. You can however decide to go shorter.

  • You keep your dog to an agreed grooming schedule (as recommended by Lisa) which is appropriate for the amount of maintenance you do at home, the dog's coat type and lifestyle

How It Works

  • We will schedule your appointments 12 months ahead and ensure that your dog gets the very best attention while visiting us.

  • If you cannot make an appointment (holiday, etc) just let us know and we'll move that appointment for you - all the others will stay the same.

  • If you cancel an appointment without giving 48 hours notice or you fail to show up for an appointment (known as a no-show) then you forfeit that month's VIP payment and will have to pay the adhoc price for a replacement

Payment Schedules

  • We work out how much your annual grooming bill is and divide it by 12.

  • You pay this amount on the first of every month by Standing Order. You don't have to worry about a thing after that.

  • Anyone can drop your dog off or pick it up for you! (please Inform Lisa who will be dropping of and collecting the dog)

  • Your prices will be based on the price you are paying right now, but will be frozen for 12 months after you join the VIP Scheme.

VIP: Services

Find Out More

To discuss the VIP package and your eligability. please Contact Lisa.

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